Nutmeg tree is a particular type of plant originated in Banda, Maluku archipelago. This plant grows in tropical area less than 700 meters above sea level. The bushy tree grows straight until it reaches ± 20 meters high and the branches spread in whorls. Nutmeg fruit is about two to four inches in size, rounded fleshy fruit of apricot or pear, which turns to yellow and has aromatic fragrance when it ripens. A good nutmeg seed contains single, dicotyledonous kernel, has egg-shaped to oval, thin and dark brown skin which is covered by bright red mace. One benefit of nutmeg is that it produces essential oil which enriches food flavor and aroma to make it more appetizing. The nut is usually used to make rendang as well. Besides the culinary benefits, nutmeg also has medicinal benefits to reduce peptic ulcer since it contains saponin chemical compounds and antiemetic which can reduce stomach acids and nausea. Antiemetic helps prevent vomiting and nausea, and improve the appetite.

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